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Overview of Apps

Loom.ai has the following applications - LoomieLive and Loomie.


LoomieLive is a desktop application that allows you to have video calls as an avatar. It solves the following videoconferencing issues:

  • Privacy

  • Avoid constantly staring at the camera

  • Personal appearance

  • Background appearance

  • "Zoom fatigue"

  • Eye gaze matching

It works within desktop video conferencing applications, replacing the webcam with our live-stream 3D avatar. The avatar is animated by either audio or video.

LoomieLive has several built in avatars and 3D backgrounds. It also works in conjunction with Loomie, the mobile app. Avatars created in Loomie automatically appear in LoomieLive - as long as you log in the same way.


Our Loomie mobile app, available on iOS and Android, creates 3D avatars from a single photo. It allows you to edit the appearance, as well as accessorize with different outfits. Saved "Loomie" avatars will show up in LoomieLive, or can be exported as stickers for use in Whatsapp, Gboard, and Slack.

If you use the same login method with both Loomie and LoomieLive, your Loomie avatars will import into LoomieLive.

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