Avatar Creation

Creating an Avatar

    1. neutral expression (no smile)

    2. even lighting (no shadows)

    3. face the camera

    4. don't block your facial features (hair, glasses, etc.)

  1. Position your face inside the outline

  2. Choose from one of the 4 avatars that most resembles you.

    1. It is easy to edit the avatars (change hairstyle, remove/add glasses/change clothing)

    2. If you prefer, you can hit the "infinity" icon to generate 4 more avatars, or "X" to take another photo.

Deleting an Avatar

  1. On the bottom, click and hold on the avatar you want to delete until it shows an "x" marker

  2. Click on the "x" and the avatar will be deleted. You will see that the avatar bar will reflect the deletion.

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