FAQ / Troubleshooting

Is this safe to install on Windows?

You may encounter this warning when installing the Windows version of LoomieLive (if the "Run Anyway button is not displayed, click the "Show more" link)

It is ok to click "Run anyway" to proceed. You can verify that the installer is valid by opening its "Properties" in explorer and checking that the "Digital Signature" of LoomAi Inc. is present. This warning should stop appearing once LoomieLive has a larger installed base.

Why isn't it working with Zoom on my Mac?

Are you running Zoom v5.0.5 or better? Earlier versions do not support LoomieLive's camera.

Why is it showing a black frame on Windows?

Skype app: Sorry, we only support Skype Desktop right now!

More than one app at once: Currently, LoomieLive's camera only drives a single app at a time.

Why is the camera not showing in MSTeams?

Please restart the computer, this sometimes happens on the first use after installation.

What Operating Systems do you support?

MacOS: We currently support MacOS (Catalina, Mojave). Recommended: Mac computers 2015 and newer.

Windows 10 (Windows 7 is not supported)

(Windows) What hardware do you support?

We require a 4th-gen or better Intel CPU. We are working to relax this restriction, stay tuned!

(Windows) When I logged in to get my avatars, it froze.

Check to see if you have antivirus software that might be interfering with LoomieLive's network connection.

Why is my avatar's mouth moving when others speak?

LoomieLive's avatars lip-sync to audio. This will happen if the microphone used in LoomieLive can hear the speakers used in your VideoConferencing app. In essence, your avatar is "hearing" others speak.

To fix this, do one of the following (best to worst):

  1. Wear a headset

    • LoomieLive Settings: select your headset's microphone.

    • VideoConferencing Settings: select the headphones "speaker".

    • Now you will hear others, but your avatar (LoomieLive) will only hear you.

  2. No headset? See No Headset No Problem

If the above doesn't resolve the issue, uninstall and reinstall with the latest build.

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