Avatars, Backgrounds, Reactions

Once you've completed the Installation and Setup, here is how to use LoomieLive.

Proceed only after you've reviewed Installation and Setup. The information in Selecting Audio and Selecting Camera is critical.


We provide a selection of avatars in LoomieLive, including standard avatars and “Loomies”. Loomies are personalized avatars created in our free Loomie mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

You must use the same login for Loomie and LoomieLive, for your avatars to show up. And if you use "Continue with Google" or "Continue with Apple", you need to sign in same way on Loomie and LoomieLive.

New Loomies will show up automatically upon opening LoomieLive. If you make a new avatar while LoomieLive is open, or make changes to an existing one, click the refresh button (below, right) to bring the changes into LoomieLive


Click the Gear icon to reveal the Settings panel:

You can set a name to be displayed below your avatar in the Settings Panel:

Other settings include: 60FPS: choose to make smoother animation. Default is 30 FPS. (Choosing this will increase the load on your CPU) Auto-Detect Laughter: Automatically press the "Laugh" reaction button when laughter is detected in your voice. This is an experimental feature, use with caution. Auto-Gestures and Gesture Strength: Move the Loomie's head and body in small ways when not speaking. Strength determines how much the head moves.


LoomieLive contains several collections of backgrounds. Each of these 3D backgrounds have unique lighting. Choose the background collection, then swipe right / left to reveal more environments.

There is currently no way to import your own background for use in LoomieLive (or to use the Loomie mobile backgrounds). Look for this in a future release.

One workaround for custom backgrounds is to use the LoomieLive greenscreen option, under Others. When you use this with a conferencing app like Zoom, you can indicate you have a "greenscreen" in the virtual background settings, and load your own backgrounds there.


LoomieLive contains several avatar reactions, such as thumbs up, wave, or laughter. By selecting these buttons, you trigger a corresponding avatar animation. This is a helpful way to express your opinion during a video conference call, without interrupting the speaker.

Be Right Back!

If you need to step away during a conference, use the Here/Away button on the left of the preview window:

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