LoomieLive loves Zoom! Here is how to make it work.

Zoom Camera Setup (Zoom 5.0.5)

To show your avatar, select the LoomieLive virtual camera in Zoom's camera settings.

Zoom camera selection

Zoom in the Browser (Chrome)

It is also possible to run Zoom in the browser and select the LoomieLive camera there. Chrome is pictured here, and is recommended for this.

Suppose you have received a URL for a Zoom meeting. Follow the link, to a browser page like below inviting you to open zoom.us. Instead of opening the Zoom application, 1. Cancel and 2. follow the "start from your browser link" lower in the page:

You will land on a browser page displaying your profile icon and some controls:

You are in the meeting! Start the video and select the LoomieLive Camera. A preview window will appear with your loomie. This is what is being sent to the Zoom meeting.

Your Zoom host (running the latest Zoom build) will see a view like this:

Be a Good Host

If you are hosting a Zoom meeting and want others to be able to use this browser workaround (or simply to let them skip installing the Zoom application), go to Account > Personal > Settings > In Meeting (Advanced) and turn ON “show a “join from your browser” link.