Installation and Setup

Important information to get started

Thanks to your feedback, we are creating new builds daily. This documentation is based on our 2.1.64 (MacOS and Windows 10) builds.


  1. Download the LoomieLive app from:

  2. Follow the install instructions

Starting LoomieLive

  1. MAC: From Apple’s Menu Bar (top right corner), select the LoomieLive icon. WINDOWS: from the Windows desktop, double-click the installed shortcut.

  2. Login using the same method that you use with our mobile “Loomie” app. Eg, if you used "Continue with Google" and provided an email address in the Loomie app, be sure to use "Continue with Google" in LoomieLive for the same account.

The Loomie app is not required. However, it is the only place to make personalized “Loomie” avatars. It is free on iOS and Android.

Selecting Audio

In LoomieLive, select ">" next the microphone icon to select the microphone that you’d like to speak into. Ideally this is your headset microphone. (Note: there is no camera to select because LoomieLive is driven entirely by your voice)

Pro Tip - For best results use a headset. This allows your avatar to be driven by audio, without causing it to animate when others are speaking (in the room around you, or from within the chat).

Verifying the Virtual Camera

Once the LoomieLive Camera has been installed, it should show up in lists of cameras in applications that let you choose a camera.You can go straight to videoconferencing if you wish. If you would first like to verify that your camera has been installed, you can test this using the Chrome browser outside of a videoconferencing application: visit this location: chrome://settings/content/camera

Near the top will be a dropdown list of cameras, and LoomieLive Camera will appear in this list if it has been properly installed.

You might need to restart Chrome after installing LoomieLive for this camera choice to appear.

You can also verify that LoomieLive Camera is broadcasting by visiting other webcam testing site if you prefer (in Chrome). If LoomieLive is installed properly, you will see a LoomieLive Camera choice in the testing area:

If the camera is not present (but is present in the chrome settings above), webcamtests might need to be reloaded to detectd the LoomieLive camera.

After launching LoomieLive press the "Test my cam" button and the dark area should change to display your LoomieLive preview. If LoomieLive Camera is working here, it should work in Hangouts (in this browser), Google Meet, Zoom (app or the browser), Skype (browser only), and other videochat applications.

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